Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A year ago (actually thirteen months) I wrote about Spring bursting on us early and enthusiastically in the post that I titled "Green is the color."

 This year has been different, with spring dragging its feet and poking its nose out and pulling back like Punxsutawney Phil on a sunny day.  Finally, it feels like it is really here and the spring flowers are offering proof.

 What looks like a light blanket of snow in the neighboring pasture is really these little white flowers.  I don't even know their name, but I look forward each year to their appearance.

 Even these guys, who I will spend all summer trying to eradicate, bring a smile.

Violets are old friends.  I remember bringing these to my mother when I was very small.

Tulips aren't wildflowers, but they and the daffodils do come back each spring to announce winter's passing.



  1. What lovely shots you've captured! I don't know what those little white flowers are, either, but we have them in Central Illinois. Tulips always make me smile -- they look so happy as they dance in the wind. And even the dandelions turn my thoughts to when my son was little and would bring them to me as flowers!

    1. Thank you "Unknown." Central Illinois? I grew up around Galesburg and live in Aurora most of my adult life; northern Indiana now. Did you find my blog through the Grand Social Linky?

    2. No, actually you left a nice message on my blog so I decided to find out who "Axiesdad" was. By the way, I'm Debbie, but I couldn't make Blogger understand that! Nice to meet you. Yes, Galesburg and Aurora are north of here -- I'm closer to Champaign. Glad to find another Midwesterner on this Interwebs thing!!

  2. Great pictures. I really miss violets.

  3. We're having a really cool spring, which is marvelous because Texas summers are brutal.

  4. Lovely post :) I just found your link on my grand parent blog directory. Welcome! It's good to have you. I hope you will stop by on Saturdays for out weekly link up too. Family Home & Life

  5. Love the tulips! But you're right...even the dandelions look pretty when you don't have to deal with them in your yard.

  6. Here in Michigan (GR) our weather was the same as yours last month when you wrote this. I was naïve enough to think that last year's heavenly "12 month spring" would be a permanent thing! Well, it isn't. Boooo!